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Braces and Aligners

Aligners and braces are modern orthodontic equipment. The main goals of orthodontic therapy are to improve a patient’s appearance and correct their bite. 

A unique variety of braces constructed of plastic are called aligners. These braces are tailored to suit your teeth specifically. Similar to how rubber bands are used with metal braces, tiny bits of composite is employed here to exert effort to shift the teeth into the proper position. For people who feel bashful or humiliated while wearing metal braces, aligners are the greatest option.

Braces are orthodontic appliances used to align and straighten teeth. They can be composed of metal or porcelain. In accordance with the patient’s bite, they are employed to arrange teeth. Metal wires and elastic bands used in braces give the necessary force for teeth to shift into the proper position.

What is the price of Invisalign?

The cost of Invisalign fluctuates, therefore there is no single fixed cost for your aligners treatment as a whole. The intricacy of your case (how many aligners are required to complete treatment) and the dentist’s geographic location can both affect how much the procedure will cost. Naturally, more complicated issues may cost more because more aligners and effort are required to achieve your ideal smile.

How do my teeth move with clear braces (aligners)?

Similar to other orthodontic procedures, Invisalign uses gentle forces to gradually straighten teeth utilizing tooth movement.

Bharti’s multispeciality dental clinic has experience with cases like yours, planning out individual tooth movement and assessing the potential space and movement that could be made available for your teeth. You will be given a set of clear aligners after we meticulously plan out your procedure, each one advancing you closer to your desired smile.

How long do I wear my aligners?

The longer you wear your aligners each day, the more effective and quicker your treatment will be. We suggest you aim for 24 hours daily, removing them only to eat and drink or clean your teeth.

When should I switch to the next aligner?

Within two weeks, we discovered numerous examples in which each aligner produced the desired movement. This varies from case to instance; therefore, you should only switch to your next aligner after it is clear that no teeth are being put under pressure and that doing so is simple. Before at least two weeks, there shouldn’t be any movement to the following aligner.

Having said that, since all person’s teeth are unique, they can occasionally take longer. Your teeth may not yet be in the proper place if you notice that the new aligner is extremely tight and painful. Returning to the previous aligner and wearing it for a few days is the straightforward solution. Make sure you contact your dentist if it continues to feel excessively tight.

If I wear aligners, may I eat or drink?

No, is a quick and easy response! When chewed, even extremely soft foods can damage the plastic. It is advised you only consume alcohol and eat at meals when you can take off your braces. When drinking while using aligners, stick to basic, ice-cold water. Any additional beverages could warp your aligners and hinder treatment. If you eat or drink while wearing aligners, food particles and liquids may get wedged between your teeth and the transparent plastic, which not only looks unpleasant but may also cause decay or erode the enamel of your teeth due to the acid in the fluid. When using clear aligners, we only advise drinking still water.

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