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Root Canal Treatment 

Using root canal treatment, broken or infected teeth can be repaired and saved without being completely extracted. An infected or swollen pulp inside the root canal treatment necessitates the extraction of the pulp.

Several dental treatments on the tooth, a tooth break, and oral trauma can cause deep tooth decay. As a result, inflammation or infection may occur. If not treated, pulp irritation can cause an abscess and cause pain.

There are several warning signs of pulp damage or infection, including pain, tooth discoloration, soreness to touch, and difficulty chewing. Symptoms may not always appear, however.

Before filling and sealing the tooth, pulp-damaged tissue is removed, cleaned, and disinfected. This process is known as a root canal.

This is the overall flow of a root canal procedure:

First, the tooth needs to be treated, and then a local anesthetic is injected to numb the tissues around it. Step 2: The afflicted tooth and any nearby teeth are covered with a thin layer of rubber or vinyl known as a dental dam. Step 3: A small access hole is drilled behind the tooth. This enables access to medical treatment in the pulp chamber and root canals. Step 4: The tooth’s damaged and dead pulp tissue is removed using equipment that has been specially made for the operation. Step 5: Antiseptic and antibacterial treatments are used to disinfect the canals. Step 6: The tooth is sealed to prevent contamination and a root canal filler material called “gutta-percha” is inserted into the canals. Step 7: A metal or inert substance crown is applied to seal and safeguard the tooth from further harm. The tooth continues to function normally after repair.

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